Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kamryn's 1st dance recital

Back at the beginning of the year, I enrolled Kamryn in a Chinese dance class. Many of her friends were already taking it and since she turned four, she was able to participate as well. She really enjoyed the class, and I enjoyed talking to my friends while she was in the class!

This class is offered by a local Chinese school. At the end of the school year, they hold a commencement ceremony for their students and the dance classes perform at it. Kamryn really surprised us with how well she did! She was very graceful and beautiful, if I don't say so myself;)

This mommy will learn to bring flowers at the end of each recital. Thanks Emily for sharing your bouquet with Kamryn! And thanks to Emily's mommy too for taking pictures of Kamryn for me since my camera (or battery) was acting up!