Thursday, September 28, 2006

A School Girl Now!

Kamryn started her mom's morning out program at St. Peter's Church this month. I am happy to report that she is doing just fine at drop off. Of course the first few times, Suzy and I made sure we were following each other so Kamryn and Anna Li could see each other and go in together. That really seemed to help. Seeing the two girls together, Suzy and I just have to giggle because of course we think our girls look so cute and little and sweet carrying their backpacks that are practically bigger than they are.

Kamryn is so smart;) The first day we weren't in the carpool line together, she totally figured out where we were and what was going to happen even though we were pretty far back in the carpool line. She got very weepy and sad, and oh how that tugged on my heartstrings. The ladies said that she stopped crying before she even got to the classroom. More recently, she has "bonded" with the one gal who comes to the car and now reaches for her and even waves goodbye to me.

Her teacher, Miss Laurie, says that Kamryn is always so happy. I just think to myself, "yes, that's my girl!" (I bought the ladybug sweater while in China, isn't it cute?!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Our First Girls Weekend Away

Last weekend, Kamryn and I went to visit my aunt Linda who lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Linda has generously offered to take the time to create our travel scrapbook with our pictures from China. Doing that long distance can get tricky, so a trip was in order so I could help her "outline" the pages. At our FTIA reunion, I purchased a cool Chinese scrapbook and several "China" papers and diecuts,etc. from the gal who owns Linda and I have also hit many stores so we were very successful and actually mapped out 37 pages full of pictures with coordinating papers. All during naps and after bedtime of course. Now her project is to embellish and create. I can't wait to see the final book. Thanks again Lin!

Can you really believe that Kamryn and I got on another airplane only 9 months after getting home from China? If you've done the trip, you know what I mean. (I don't mean to scare those of you still waiting, you just do what you have to do) However, I vowed it would be a very, very, very long time before we did that. Plane ride aside, I began to wonder if I am crazy to travel alone with a very energetic almost 2 year old who won't sit still and then have to change planes on top of it. She flew for free as a lap child, but after switching planes in Chicago, she wanted nothing to do with my lap or any of the toys I packed to entertain her. The poor lady who was sitting next to us that flight got water spilled all over her, thanks to Kamryn. Stickers from Linda helped a bit on the trip home, even if she did stick them on my face, her face and in our hair. Kamryn generated alot of attention at O'Hare by doing somersaults and dancing at the terminal while waiting for the plane. She is not shy at all. She had no problem walking up to a guy eating McDonald's and just smiling at him until she got a fry. She is super friendly and super sweet until she doesn't get what she wants. (no comments please!) I wonder what some people were thinking while she was crying, arching her back in my arms trying to wiggle her way out of my grip while we were waiting in line to board. Delilah witnessed a mini tantrum in Indy when we got home and were waiting for our luggage. Kamryn does not want to be confined, she wants to roam like a free spirit. (Thanks Delilah for picking us up at the end of our trip! I can't wait to return the favor and pick you up when you get home from China!) Oh, I got a picture on my cell phone of Kamryn in the cockpit of the plane, but I don't know how to transfer it. Our flight back to Indy was delayed so Kamryn charmed the pilot as well as we waited to find out which gate we were supposed to be at. He offered the photo shoot, and unfortunately my real camera was packed since I really packed lightly for a change.

Linda has two wonderful golden retrievers, Amanda and Maddie. They loved Kamryn and she really took to them too! She was hesitant at first since she was outnumbered, but soon enough Kamryn felt comfortable enough to tease them, hug them and play with them. I think Kamryn must have felt like a star in Omaha because proud Aunt Linda took us to her office so her friends could meet Kami and more friends came to the house to meet her too! Linda didn't "baby proof" her house, but Kamryn showed us what to put up high and out of her reach like the decorative apples which became balls. She truly amazed us though when drink coasters with a wooden block on top of it became a teacup and saucer.

Hopefully it will become a tradion, to go away for a "girl's only" weekend. The boys will probably endorse it as well because according to Brendan, when asked why certain chores weren't done and what did they do, his answer was "We had fun!" with a huge smile on his face. Well, Kamryn and I had fun too!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Impromptu Visit

This weekend, my mom and Aunt Bernice came down for an impromptu visit. It was a nice surprise to see them! After checking the newspaper for "things to do" this weekend, we decided to check out the Elk Farm festivities in Atlanta, IN on Saturday morning. We all went on a hayride, the boys did a corn maze and we all saw the huge Elk. We ate popcorn but passed on the Elk burgers. It was fun!

Grandma and Great Aunt Bernice ended up babysitting then so Kevin and I could quickly run to a furniture store to purchase a new kitchen table set. Well, 3 hours later with nothing purchased, we came home! You would think that it would have been a simple task, especially since I spent all last weekend doing the prep work and visiting every furniture store in the Indy area to narrow down our choices. Needless to say, everyone was tired Saturday night. My brain was mush, and Grandma and Aunt Bernice were pooped after spending the afternoon with Kamryn.

Kamryn was extra energetic and crazy this weekend because she's on an oral steriod to kick this inflammation thing going on due to some nasty virus she's been fighting all week. Last Sunday her temp read 105.6 at 3 o'clock in the morning! I was ready to go to the ER, but we managed to bring the temp down somewhat until I could page the doctor on Monday morning (since it was the holiday). We finally ended up in his office on Thursday. Now the rest of us are feeling under the weather too, so I'm sure it is viral and we've caught the same bug.

Actually, I'm feeling a little blue too with many others I'm sure as September 11th shows up on my calendar. My friends husband was in a play about Sept.11th (which I saw) plus the boys and I have been watching the specials on the Discovery Channel. It is just so sad to hear everyone's stories. These were real people with real lives and it could be any of us at any time. Check out this
  • website on Monday to read the stories written by 2,996 volunteer bloggers to commemorate the each of the lives of the 9/11 victims.
  • Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Make Offer? No Way!

    Kamryn is very curious and always doing something. She rarely sits still. The contents of my desk drawer (or any drawer really!) are not safe from Kamryn's little hands. The other day she found old garage sale stickers in the desk. Before I knew it, she had stuck them all over herself. I had to giggle because the one front and center said "MAKE OFFER." Even on the days that I'm going on little sleep or days that she is clingy and whining or the ones where she is nonstop climbing on top of the kitchen table and getting into things, I would never consider putting a sticker on her saying "Make Offer." Those are the days I need a sticker that says "Make Offer to Babysit." Watch out before you offer, because I just might take you up on it!