Thursday, October 26, 2006

Change is Hard

SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO LOOK AT THE WORLD IN A DIFFERENT WAY. I often tell the boys to keep a positive outlook on things, to find the good in any situation. It's hard to teach how to see the glass half full rather than half empty, so I guess I just need to set a good example. Maybe I can help them learn how to have a more optimistic attitude in life even when you are thrown a curve ball.

I started this posting on October 1st and meant to talk about how our neighborhood got redistricted and Brendan was struggling with attending a new elementary school this year. Now this topic just hits home even more because alot has changed since October 2nd when we found out that we are being relocated back to the Chicago area. Ever since then we have been living on the fast forward button with house hunting, cleaning/organizing this house to get ready to sell, and of course the emotions that come with change.

Yes, we will back by my parents, sister and her family, extended family and dear friends too. So we are happy about that. But truthfully, we are very sad too because in spite of us not wanting to come to Indiana 4 years ago, we have made this home and have made wonderful friends who have become like family to us here.

It's hard to see your kids hurting and crying. It was Brendan before, but now it is Matthew. He just sobs when thinking of leaving his friends here and starting over at a new school. (His friends back in Chicago are all older than him and not in the same schools.)

Lucky for Kamryn she is young enough to not know what is going on. As long as we stay constant for her, she stays happy. I am sad for her though that she will miss "Chinese baby playgroup" every Friday morning (okay, I'm sad I'll miss it too). She just loves her preschool now (and I love the 2 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays to run errands). She has a terrific fan club here full of our other wonderful neighbors and friends that supported her (and us!) so much while she was making the journey from China to home in Indiana. Everyone here is so genuine, friendly and so giving of themselves, always ready to lend a helping hand. I will miss everyone here very much.

The positive thing is that, like we were told before, it is only a short 3-4 hour drive away. I tell Matt that we are lucky that it's back to Chicago we go, instead of somewhere farther away. We can easily come back to visit, and we will! We've done the drive a million times and can do it in our sleep. Of course our friends are always welcome to stay with us anytime when they come for a visit to the big windy city. Time is best spent with those that you care about, and we will stay in touch. Like we've learned, the road to a friends house is never long.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Happy Referral Day!

One year ago today we first laid eyes on our little girl and fell in love. Actually, we were in love with her before we even saw her picture, but this was the day she became a reality and not just a dream. This was the little girl who was halfway across the world that was chosen for us. She was born in our hearts, and our hearts were so full and overjoyed that we were one step closer to completing our family.

This can not be the same girl that was in those referral pictures. That girl looked lost and lifeless. Kamryn has a twinkle in her eye that is so obvious. She is fun and mischievous with alot of spunk. This was picture number 15 . . . trying to get her to sit still holding this picture looks like it might have been easy but it was not by far. Only until little miss monkey decided she had tortured mom enough is when she finally sat down for me. Just look at that grin! You can read her mind. But I can read her heart too, and I totally melt when she comes up to me to give me a big open mouth kiss or a quick little eskimo kiss. We're all completely blessed to have each other. Thank God that miracles do happen.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Our Bathing Beauties

When the boys were little, I had their "bathtub" picture taken. My niece and nephew also had these same pictures taken and they adorned the kids bathroom wall with some Anne Geddes tub pictures. I finally took Kamryn to get her famous bath tub picture to add to my wall. On the phone, the lady at the portrait studio asked how old Kamryn was and when I told her, she didn't think she'd fit in the galvanized tub. Kamryn is a peanut though, so of course she fit no problem. She actually cooperated pretty well! Here are Hunter's, Lauren's and Gavin's tub pictures too!