Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Pictures from our trip

Holding Mary Grace, Kamryn's newest Ling sister. I did get her to smile even though it doesn't show in this picture.

Delilah and Mary Grace at Suzy's house Friday morning

Our little Ling girls

Kissing on Mary Grace

Mary Grace was all smiles when Mark came home from school on Thursday!

Kamryn hugging Garrett, my friend Carol's son. Kamryn and I stayed at Carol's house while we were down there.

Kamryn and Lindsey watching a movie in bed. Lindsey was hoping for a little sleepover, but Kamryn wanted to sleep with me.

Friday morning we were also lucky enough to get together for an impromptu playdate with our playgroup friends. Delilah and Mary Grace even ventured out and joined us.

Steven Curtis Chapman Story Behind the Song

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

My heart is aching

I can't even imagine what the Chapman family is going through. I am so saddened by the news of the death of their youngest daughter. I have talked to Kevin and the boys about this and they are also sad. We are all praying for their family.

Here is a link to an article about the tragedy.


My friend Heather recently shared this link which shows a video of his song Cinderella. At the end of the music, there is a clip of him talking about what inspired him to write this song. Please listen to the end.

Cinderella song

Hug your kids tight and remember to live in the moment.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Greeting and meeting Mary Grace!

Last Wednesday Kamryn and I road tripped to Indiana so we could be at the airport to greet Mary Grace, Delilah, Brad and Mark. I was so excited to meet Kamryn's newest "sister" and the baby I helped wait for with Delilah. We drove straight through and went to the party store immediately to get balloons to decorate their house light post and to have some at the airport for our greeting.

Kamryn did great at the airport waiting. (notice her bracelet and necklace. She knew this was a special occasion. She usually doesn't leave jewelry on!) We weren't the only ones waiting for little China babes. There were some other families waiting for a Bethany group. We kept watching the screens to see what time the planes were due to land. All of a sudden we saw Brad walking down the escalator with Mary Grace and Delilah and Mark not too far behind them.

It was so wonderful to see all of them, especially Mary Grace! She is such a cutie-pie and a little peanut. Kamryn was ecstatic to see Mary Grace and especially Delilah. She was all smiles and even tried to get in their family picture.

Kamryn and I dropped by their house quickly after the airport to drop off milk and the chocolate chip cookies we baked for our friends. We didn't stay long because I knew they were tired. The cutest thing happened though as we were pulling out of their driveway. Kamryn said loud and clear, "I love Mary Grace."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring,

yes, it's a baseball game day.

It seems like most of the boy's games have been on rainy, cloudy or very cold and windy days. I really do enjoy watching the boys play baseball, but it's more fun on a hot sunny day. We haven't had one hot sunny day during a ball game yet.

The first Saturday of this month was particularly gray and dreary and rain was in the forecast. I thought surely the game would be canceled so I decided selfishly that Kamryn and I would attend playgroup instead of going to Brendan's game that morning. Matt came with us. We all had fun inside Airtastic while Kevin and my mom were at Brendan's game that was NOT canceled . . . sitting in the cold and drizzling rain.

Talk about GUILT.

Matt's game was at 1 pm. We went to the game with our blankets and umbrellas. Kamryn thought it was fun. I thought it was miserable. And my mom sat through that game too! Four hours outside on a cruddy day. What a Grandma! She always puts others before herself and is doing nice things for other people. And not just for family.

The least I could do on Mother's Day was prepare an easy dinner for her, my dad and Aunt B since I have the best mom ever. I am so thankful that we are living close to each other again. It makes it so much easier to spend more time together.

Of course, by the time the nicer, warmer days come, baseball will be over. I guess then we will just have to find something else outside to do . . .

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Painted Nails

Yes, it's a habit of mine. Getting my nails done. But I have to do it in order to stop an even more terrible bad habit of mine. Biting my nails. My mom says it all started when I went to preschool. I've tried everything to stop over my many many years, but it's something that I just can't stop . . . unless I get my nails done. So I pay for pretty nails.

On a day when her daddy and brothers were home, I don't know what came over me, but I decided to bring Kamryn with me to the nail salon. The woman asked if Kamryn could have her nails done too so I said yes. Picture this. (Oh, and she wore her princess shoes and carried in her own purse, too cute.) Kamryn looked adorable with her petite little body sitting in the chair, princess shoes dangling off her feet with her arms spread out so the lady could work on her nails. I wish I had brought my camera. She did great letting her nails dry by the fan. She even had little flowers painted on her thumb nails.

She was done way before I was done. Of course, that's when the challenge began. She got antsy. She followed the sweet lady to her next customer who was getting a pedicure. She watched for a bit. Then she'd come over by me for a bit. Then she started wandering to the open door of the salon and out she went. My hand is being worked on and all I could do is yell at her. Of course she wanted nothing to do with the toys in her purse.

Anyway, I'm not bringing her for a very long time. Especially because she is a nail biter too and she scraped off with her teeth all the pretty polish. Isn't that weird though. She hasn't seen me bite my nails because I can't and she is already starting the same bad habit. When she's old enough, I look forward to going back to the salon with her.

Matt's Game Ball

Yes, both boys have received game balls now. The game ball was given to Matt because he pitched 3 scoreless innings and was 3 for 3 at the plate. Even when he's not pitching, he's playing really well in the field. He usually plays shortstop or first base. Way to go Matt!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Kamryn's Dentist Visit

Last week Kamryn and I had dentist appointments. I went first. She watched me get X-rays taken. She was in my face during the cleaning and liked when the "straw" sucked out the water from my mouth. I thought she would totally be fine when it came time for her turn. I was wrong. She wouldn't leave my arms. So I had her smile for the dentist because I've noticed this brown spot in between her two front teeth. Yes, it's decay. Nope this dentist wouldn't even try working on her. Referred me to a pediatric dentist. (All week she's been playing dentist. Walking away from her babies and flipping a switch saying "click" - X-ray done. She was watching everything!)

This past Wednesday we visited the most fun waiting room ever with a fish tank and a cool toy structure to play in. We went back to the miniature land of examining rooms - small chairs for small people. She started fussing and preferred to sit on the cute little bench instead of the cute little reclining dental chair. Finally I got her on my lap and the dentist came in first to look at her since we didn't know how much time we had before a possible meltdown.

To everyone's surprise, while I was talking to the dentist, she got in the dental chair and let the hygienist clean her teeth! They were surprised at how well she was cooperating so they led her into the X-ray room and took some pictures.

The good news is she cooperated. The bad news is she has 6 cavities and two of them should be crowned. Yes, her two front teeth. The other option is extracting them but I can't seriously go there when she has speech issues already and won't get her permanent teeth until she is about 7.

They want to do a conscious sedation in the office since she cooperated. I don't know if this is the right decision. I remember when Brendan was sedated for his MRI and it didn't really sedate him. It made him more restless I think. The other option is to go to the hospital and have her put under. Kamryn's two friends - Josh and Lilly - have had dental work done in the hospital.

Thinking about getting a second opinion to see whether the crowns are necessary. Anybody with young kiddos with bad teeth have any suggestions?

She loved getting her goodie bag with a new toothbrush, dental floss and goodies from the treasure box. I don't think she'll mind going back next time but little does she know that next time won't be as much fun. She won't be wanting to wear this shirt next time:)