Saturday, November 29, 2008

My blog is decorated

for the holidays, but my home isn't.

Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Is it manipulation or sweet innocence?

We teach our children how to pray. We tell them that prayers do get answered. How was I to respond to this one prayer that I knew wasn't going to be answered:

"Dear Jesus, please let mommy stay home with me tonight."

That's what I heard Kamryn say right before I was to leave for the neighborhood bunco the other night.

Nice try Kamryn! I rarely go out in the evenings. Maybe once or twice a month. And I'm home with her during the day. I was actually in disbelief that that's what she really said, but the boys heard her too. I told her when mommy goes out, I always come back home.

I've been a sub for a few months now for the neighborhood group. It's fun to get out and finally meet some neighbors after living here almost two years.

Matt babysat the other night and did such a great job! I got home by 10:00 and was surprised to find Kamryn fast asleep. I really expected her to wait up for me. Matt is such a good big brother/babysitter though and he read books and stayed by her until she fell asleep.

I won $5.00 for rolling the most "mini-bunco's" - big excitement! It's funny how different groups have different rules/prizes for the game. In Indiana, I started a bunco group in our neighborhood, and we played a little differently. We didn't keep track of mini buncos but just counted them as 5 points.

Hey you Indy bunco friends that may be reading . . . are you still playing? If not, we'll have to set up a bunco night next time I'm down there! And playgroup friends here, we do need to set a date maybe in Jan/Feb for a bunco game night.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How her mind works

At Chinese class a few weeks back (we are not taking Chinese right now but hope to continue sometime soon) Helen Lao Shi gave the girls beads and string to make a necklace. Kamryn started hers and honestly with NO help from me, this is what she made:

Her necklace is on the right and the necklace she made for her doll is on the left. She thinks in patterns! There is a rhyme and a reason to the way she strung the beads. Oh my!

Then one day she was playing with stickers and this is what she finished. One sheet of stickers was for me, the other for her daddy.

Going through her backpack after school one day, I saw this:

She pasted fabric squares on the paper. Isn't this amazing? She's very methodical.

I haven't had a diet coke

since last Friday. I know, that's not a whole lot of time away from it. But I am noticing a difference in my energy level - I have more of it surprisingly - and I don't have those weird, dull brain fog headaches. Coincidence or not?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Healthy Eating is hard to do!

Wednesday night I went to a "seminar" that my chiropractor's office was having at Whole Foods. It was about how to read labels and buy healthy foods.

First let me tell ya, I am doing everything wrong. The only good thing about this revelation is that there is great room for improvement. (When I say "they" I am referring to the gal from the chiro office and what the doctors there believe.)

My top five pitfalls:

1. Diet Pop - I am trying to give it up. They said regular pop is better than the aspartame in the diet sodas. Hmm, maybe that's why I always have a dull headache or brain fog feeling? Water is the best thing to drink. I knew this already.

2. Sugars - I love my chocolate! The only thing going for me is that I love dark chocolate and that is actually one sugar that they said is good for you in moderation.

3. Cheeses, or anything pasteurized. Okay, how can my family give up milk when Brendan has 3 bowls of cereal a day! They said "raw" is better. Raw cheese and raw milk. Raw vegetables, raw nuts. I guess organic milk is a better option for us, but is it really better?

4. Grains - I know wheat is better than white and pasta is bad. But come on, no grains at all? They told us about sprouted bread. Never heard of it. It's flourless. I bought a loaf and it's not bad, but the kids won't want it for their sandwich. But then again, lunch meat is out too because it's processed.

5. Meats - They said anything cooked is bad because it destroys the nutrients and actually causes carcinogens. I didn't believe it but just today I actually OPENED my Women's Health magazine that comes every month:) and I saw the following article:

When beef, pork, poultry or fish are cooked at 350 degrees or higher, their amino acids and creatine form carcinogenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines or HCAs. But in a study reported in the Journal of Food Science,HCA levels in steak dropped by up to 88 percent when the meat was soaked in an herbal bath for an hour before grilling. Marinating your meat can cut cancer risk.


Okay, the gal doing the talk said that you shouldn't eat fruits after 12:00 noon because they contain sugar. We should only eat 20 grams of sugar a day. Also said that any vegetable pulled out of the ground has lots of sugars, like carrots, and you should really stick to the green vegetables.

Figures, carrots are the one vegetable that my kids actually eat.

Granny smith apples, celery and cucumbers are good because they are alkalizing. (whatever that means, I still don't understand it.) We like these, thank goodness.

I tried some new foods. Ate pine nuts and liked them, but boy are they expensive! Tried a kale salad.

Liked it and brought some home. No one else liked it. Tried a dairy free version of Oreo's and didn't like them at all and actually said out loud that if I didn't like them my kids wouldn't. The lady at Whole Foods let me bring home an organic dairy version of them home free for the kids to try. (I should have spoken up more!) Brendan & I don't like those either. Brought home some raw Gruyere cheese. Matt & I like it. Brought home organic Buckwheat dairy and egg free waffles . . . still sitting in the freezer.

Looking in the freezer tonight deciding what to make for dinner, I opted for the frozen Schwan's lasagna. That is surely not on the healthy list - pasteurized cheese, pasta, meat - but hey, I have to make whatever is already here, right? The sprouted bread made great garlic toast:)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sticker Fun

Kamryn can entertain herself with stickers in ways unimaginable to most. She is definitely creative!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Cousin Time

Last week, my nephew's school had a fall festival. Kamryn and I joined the festivities and had a great time! Gavin and Kamryn love to be together. They were so funny pretending to cook. When it comes to real food though, they don't get along as well. Kamryn has to eat fast or guard her food because Gavin is quick and tries to swipe hers off her plate! And yes, he is a year younger than K, and I think he is taller than her!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kamryn's School Party

Last Thursday was Kamryn's preschool parade and party. I volunteered to help out at the party thinking it would be fun to see Kamryn interact with her classmates. Well the day didn't go exactly as I planned.

Grandma was nice enough to come with us that morning. I thought Kamryn would love having us both there. She did love having us there but a little too much. She got extremely clingy as soon as we walked into the classroom. We had to force her to stand with her classmates for a group picture.

Then it was time for the parents to leave and go into another room where the children would be parading through. Kamryn was starting to lose it. The classes were gathered together waiting for their turn to parade and the teacher brought Kamryn to me saying that she couldn't handle her and the rest of the class. So at that point Kamryn started crying hysterically. I don't know if she was mad at me for leaving the classroom or just got so freaked at the chaos of the moment. She really wanted to go sit by her friend Lilly but that was against the rules since Lilly is in a different class. Kamryn never did participate in the parade. It took her a good 15 minutes or more to calm down so she could then participate in the party.

Lilly didn't know what to think about her crazy friend!

So much for me volunteering anytime soon. I think Kamryn does much better with a set routine. When I drive up and the ladies come to the car, she does just fine. This just threw her all off.

Halloween Recap

Thanks for the pumpkin cookies Grandma from two of your pumkins! Well Matt too, but he is avoiding the camera lately.

Lucky for us, the weather on Halloween was just wonderful for being outside. Kamryn and I started off our morning at Barnes and Noble for playgroup. We heard spooky stories and then went trick-or-treating throughout the store. It was fun to see Rowan and Abby. Kamryn enjoyed being the "oldest" and took care of her younger friends well. When the lady was passing out treats and Halloween bags, Kamryn made sure that her friends were taken care of.

Kamryn and I went to Brendan's school parade that afternoon and happily waved to him as he passed us by. Brendan couldn't wear his scary costume to school so he chose just a skeleton for the parade. This is what he chose to wear trick or treating though. (he's never even seen the movie but liked the Freddie Kruger mask. yuck!)

Matt stayed in this year. I guess 13 year olds are not into trick or treating anymore. Candy yes, but not going door to door for it.

It's become a tradition for me to make chili on Halloween so Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt B came over for dinner and helped hand out candy while I went out with my little cheerleader. Kamryn enjoyed herself the whole evening. Even after we came in, she loved running to the door to see the kids in costumes. Funny thing was that a group of 8th grade girls saw her and said, "hey, this is Kamryn from the picnic. Hi Kamryn." Then one girl reminded me that she is the one who gave me her phone number at the picnic because she would love to babysit Kamryn. I may just have to take her up on it sometime.

The funniest thing to hear was Kamryn saying that her pumpkin bucket was "so heavy" from all the candy she collected. She was one tired little girl that evening.

Bragging on the boys

We just have to say that we are so proud of both of our boys! Both came home boasting straight A's on their report cards! Way to go guys! We love you. Keep up the great work.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Our Anniversary!

Today marked our 17 year wedding anniversary. Thought I'd share a wedding picture with you all. I've had fun going through all the pictures and remembering the details from that day. Seems like yesterday, yet a world of time away. I'm grateful that most people who were present at our wedding are still present in our lives. I'm sad for our loss remembering those loved ones that are no longer with us but reside in Heaven. I'm glad for the new relationships and friendships we have in our life. A lot can change in a moment, in a day, or a year let alone 17 years. Feeling thankful that God has blessed our marriage and our life. Thankful that His blessings remain constant.