Monday, March 26, 2007

Catching up

Here are some pictures from last weekend when Alec visited. Kamryn was so happy to "talk" to Alec on her play cell phone. Have I mentioned how cute it is when she just babbles into her phone and then giggles? I'm sure I have. It sounds like she is babbling in Chinese. When she laughs it's the cutest thing because it's like someone really said something funny:)

Last Friday Kevin took a day off work so I could go on a field trip with Brendan's class down to the Field Museum. I haven't been there in years and so it was nice to walk around even it meant keeping up with 4 third grade boys. We were all fascinated by the dinosaur "Sue" and the rocks and gems. The boys found their birthstones, and I couldn't take my eyes off the huge diamonds on display:) Brendan was so excited that I was going with him. I'm really glad I got a chance to do something with him at his new school because I know his enthusiasm for mom hanging around won't always be there.

It's my mom's birthday today (happy birthday mom!) Grandma had the pleasure of eating lunch with all six of her grandchildren today because the kids are on spring break. Gavin was sweeping food off the table, Kamryn was taking off her shoes and climbing under the table to Melanie . . . Matt, Brendan, Hunter and Lauren were good, but after two spilled drinks (yes, by my mom and Melanie) I was glad when lunch was over and that we had a peaceful, relaxing and fun Saturday night to celebrate the occasion too.

My mom is always helping us, especially with the kids, so Melanie and I treated her to a girls night out in honor of her birthday. Saturday night, Melanie, Lauren, mom and I went to dinner and then to the Peking Acrobat show at the theater in Aurora. I would have loved to take Kamryn to the show and will someday if they return. The Chinese acrobats are just amazing. It was nice to see a show like this that I'll remember since we all slept during the show in China due to jet lag.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Pets for St. Patrick's Day?

Okay, I finally broke down and agreed to let the boys get a pet. Brendan was really wanting one so we took a trip to a couple of pet stores and came home with two guinea pigs, Razor and Scooter. They are really pretty cute and if I don't look at their feet too long, I forget that they are rodents. They are displaying little personalities and the boys are really happy, so I just hope that they won't be allergic to them. I am getting somewhat attached to them already and it's only been a week:)

Today Matthew and I are driving halfway to Indiana to meet one of his friends and his mom and then we are bringing Alec home with us for the night. Kevin is planning on taking the boys to the Shamrox Lacrosse game tonight. Should be rocking since it's St. Patrick's Day! (they're the new Chicago Pro Lacrosse team)

Since Kevin is a big Soprano's fan, for his birthday I bought us tickets for The Soprano's Last Supper, an interactive spoof of the show at Angelo's restaurant. Well, we went on Friday night and it was fun! We were definitely the youngest in the crowd and had to laugh watching all these older women and men doing the Sopranos version of the Chicken Dance. (ask us to show you sometime) I had fun doing the mamba with Carmine Jr. and Bobby told me that he'd take care of Kevin so that I could become a Soprano. Janice was dancing with Kevin while Bobby was dancing with me, and the two of them kept chattering back and forth about how much distance to keep between dance partners. Pretty funny. The food was actually very, very good and hopefully we'll get back there sometime soon.

We got a little taste of spring a few days ago and wow was it nice! Heather and I went to our friend Jen's house and the kids were able to play outside without coats on. Notice in the picture, Kamryn is barefoot (always!) and always eating. At least when sandal weather is here to stay, I will have one less step to worry about whenever we leave the house or reach our destination in the car. I can't wait to ditch the socks!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Playgroup Date for Mom's Only

Is it still considered "playgroup" even if the 2 year old girls aren't with the moms? We think so. On Saturday, three of my greatest friends in the world drove up from Indy to have a girls' day and night out. After Kevin being in Florida all of last week, I could hardly wait for Christy, Kim and Karen to get here. Kamryn was equally excited to see Allison's, Camille's and Tess' mommy. After lunch here, we went shopping at Oak Brook Mall. Then we checked into a hotel, headed out for dinner and drinks and slept in on Sunday. Ooh, how we wish we could have more weekends like this past one! It was so wonderful to have girl time to talk and leisurely browse in stores. Oh, and I think I've figured out how to kick my chocolate addiction. After one too many chocolate martini's, the last thing in the world I am craving right now is chocolate;)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Okay, there is this new blogger version, and I just can't get used to it. It was easier before to place pictures in the blog. With anything new, there is an adjustment period. I will keep trying this but bear with me if it doesn't look "neat" compared to before.
This was a picture taken of Kamryn on Chinese New Year, of course with food in her hands. She grazes all day instead of eating a meal. I wish I could eat as much as she does without gaining weight.
We're trying to get the boys signed up for spring/summer sports but it's not an easy task. We realized too late that we missed baseball sign ups and there is a wait list. Brendan wanted to do baseball so we found some other league but now he's decided against it. Matthew wants to try LaCrosse and sign ups are this weekend. I hope he can get into it. To our amazement, football sign ups are going on right now too for the fall. Crazy!
Kevin celebrated his birthday last weekend, and the best present was free babysitting by my mom and dad! We went out for dinner by ourselves and it was so nice not having to chase Kamryn around and persuade her to sit still.
Last night the kids and I met my friend Heather and her 3 kids for dinner. What a different dining experience with 4 kids under the age of 4 and Matt and Brendan. Matt and Brendan actually help out alot. Josh sat nice, the twins Hannah and Kaitlyn actually sat nice but Kamryn was all over the place, climbing under the table to sit by the girls and then climbing back by me, trying to steal my pop and steal everyone's food. She truly is a monkey. She is always moving and always thinking. Then she was trying to do adjustments on everyones necks since we had just been to the chiropractor. It was so funny, but she took my neck with her little hands and pretended to do "an adjustment." She proceeded around the table to do that to everyone else too. Lucky for her, her friends are tolerant of her strange actions:)
She just got her first adjustment by a chiropractor before dinner. I am so tired of her nose running constantly and since the boys and I see him and feel better when we do, I figured it could help her too. Her neck is so tight and her health problems have been her ears and nose, so hopefully this will help her. I don't want anymore antibiotics in her little body if I can help it.
Because I know prayer works wonders, please say a prayer for my friend Sue. She just found out that she has a rare form of skin cancer. Pray that she finds the strength to get through the medical procedures ahead of her and that she gets healed fast.
I'm praying that all my friends and family get through all of life's adjustments with ease and with the strength of knowing that if God brings you to it, He will get you through it.