Sunday, August 07, 2011

Summertime Fun!

We recently visited Cedar Point, the amusement park and water park. The boys absolutely loved the roller coasters! Kamryn rode her very first little roller coaster too. I got her on a few of the bigger rides that she probably was not ready for . . . oops . . . she just closed her eyes and held on tight to me. I rode some of the roller coasters with the boys and don't like them so much as I thought I used to! I usually close my eyes too! Everyone enjoyed the water park. The kids especially love the wave pool. My favorite is the lazy river. It was great family time and a fun end of the summer little trip!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Teenagers in the House!!!

Yes, there are 13 candles on Brendan's birthday cake today! We celebrated his birthday by having family over yesterday. Today we went up to Dave & Busters for dinner and games. It was a fun time!

Brendan is excited to finally be a teenager. It seems to me that he has grown up so much faster than Matthew. Probably because he's been hanging out with Matthew and they generally seem the same age. Last weekend Kamryn wanted to watch the video from our time in China. It's emotional for me on so many levels, but what hit me the hardest this time was how young the boys seemed!!! They looked like little boys with little cute voices. They are still cute but they are not boys anymore but young men. I'm so glad I have them on videotape as young boys. I captured their little voices at least. Brendan's voice has deepened and changed already. And almost overnight it seems.

I made him the cutest card for today . . . it said, "Here's something to do on your 13th Birthday. Write yourself a letter about what you expect to be doing 10 years from now and then put it somewhere where it won't be disturbed for the next decade." open the card. "like, say, under the pile of clothes on your bedroom floor!" So appropriately funny!!! I don't know if he thought so but he did laugh because he knows it's true.

When I am reprimanding him or asking him to do something, I often say I am doing it because I love him. Sometimes he responds back to me by saying that I care too much. Any parent knows that that is just not possible. I'm glad he knows I care. Someday he will understand.

Brendan is the most caring kid I know and always thinks of others. He has a heart of gold. He is always thinking of others with genuine concern. He continues to say he wants to be in the Army someday . . . I don't know if I like that but it really doesn't surprise me.

Brendan is doing great in school! He continues to get straight A's and we are really proud of him. I hope Brendan enjoys his teen years, and I hope I survive with 2 teenage boys in the house!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Is Anyone Here?

I know I've been MIA for oh a whole year! 2010 just came and went! Here's a quick recap:

Brendan turned 12 - and is about to turn 13!
Matthew graduated from Jr. High and started High School and drivers ed!
Kamryn started kindergarten. We had a 5 year travel reunion with our China travel mates at our house over the summer. What a fun time! We've been home 5 years as a forever family already!
Kevin's company got bought out and luckily he was retained by the new company. Lots of corporate changes however but we are thankful his job his doing well.
Me, I started working part-time for a Premier Jewelry Director and a couple of months after that decided to become a part of Premier as well as a Jeweler. I was able to travel to Texas and got to tour the company headquarters and manufacturing plant and have dinner at the owner's home too. It really is a wonderful company with wonderful values and great jewelry too!

So now I am wearing lots of hats; wife, mom, daughter, sister, decorator, jeweler, assistant, friend.

I have lots of goals for the year 2011 and one of them is to get a grip on my to do list and I'm starting with the blog. Anyone still out here? I have to admit that I got caught up with the one liner facebook thing. But mainly just lurk on FB and only post once in a while. This really is a better way to journal.

Oh and there's Max. He's doing great too! We survived the puppy stage and are now enjoying him fully. He's a dog with a lot of personality and spunk and we get a kick out of the funny things he does. Yes, he's out of the crate at night now too so our already family bed of Kevin, Kamryn and I turned into an even bigger family bed of Kevin, Kamryn, Max and me:) Lots of warmth on these cold winter nights!