Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!

Sunday is the beginning of the Chinese New Year celebration. It is the Year of the Pig. Matt was born in the year of the pig, so maybe this will be a lucky year for him. I don't know how we will celebrate yet, but I'm sure Chinese food will be part of the day. It's amazing that last year we were celebrating at the Crandall's house and so much has changed since then! Last year Kamryn was sick and we were still adjusting to life at home with a new one year old and jet-lag after our trip to China. Now we're bonded like superglue but adjusting to a new home.

The last couple of weekends have been full of friends and travel. Last weekend our dear friends the Leagres came to town and stopped by to see us. Kamryn and Anna Li hit it off again as if they've been seeing each other every Friday for playgroup. The boys played great together too as always. Just this Friday, Kamryn and I drove halfway to Indy to play with a couple of other playgroup girls, Camille and Tess. We met at the Fair Oaks Farm and had a great day. Although when we all got on a bus for the tour to go see the cows, Kamryn got so restless and started hysterically crying. It was one of those hyperventilating cries so we didn't go on the tour. Kim had just mentioned too that it reminded her of China being on the bus with the girls. Hmm, I sometimes wonder what goes through Kamryn's mind.

We were not so lucky to sell our house in Carmel on our own in the 4 months we've had it listed. Lucky for us though we have the option to sell it to the company, and so we made a day trip down to the house to make sure everything was in order before we passed it on. It was such a last minute trip so we were thankful to see some friends while we were there even though we gave them such short notice:) Kamryn had her nails painted for the first time there by my friend Carol. She loved it so I'm glad I will have a nail spa partner in the future.

Just have to share one of those moments you wish you had on video. We were watching tv one night and an I-pod commercial came on. Kamryn got up immediately and started dancing so cute throughout the whole commercial. When it was over she just plopped down. She was in her own little world for those 30 seconds or so.

Brendan has made a new friend and has had a couple of playdates with this boy, Nick. I'm so happy that he is making friends. Matthew is too, but hasn't pushed the playdate thing as much as Brendan. They both can't wait for warmer weather to get outside more.

My sister and I are crazy though because on Valentine's Day we took the kids to a sledding hill. It was 17 degrees out and the four older kids stayed out for a half an hour! Kamryn and I went up to the top of hill and just walked back down and got back in the van because it was so windy cold. I am such a wimp in cold weather. Then we met my mom and dad at Baker's Square for dinner and pie so that warmed us up! Kevin was out of town so he missed this fun.

Kevin never knows what jobs I have lined up for him next. When we moved in, the movers just put the furniture in the spot where I thought I would want it, but it's so crazy on moving day, and who really knows how it's all going to look and work out. Well, this weekend Kevin and I moved the furniture from our living room up to our bedroom and then moved stuff that was being stored in the basement up to the living room. We will probably have sore muscles tomorrow. Now I have more stuff to get re-organized. Just when I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel . . .

Monday, February 05, 2007


Yes, they are the Super Bowl champions! We are happy for Indy, they really do deserve the win. Only wish we could be there to share the excitement.

We watched the game at my parent's house and after dinner, my mom brought out the "football" cake. See, she took the picture. She should have taken it from the Colt's angle;) since she knew too that they were going to win. Funny thing was that the boys would only eat a piece from the Colt's side of the cake. Talk about loyalty. The boys were even happier this morning when they found out school was cancelled today due to extreme cold temperatures. It was a win-win day for them.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Frozen in Chicago

BRRRR . . . It's downright nasty cold here. Good thing I am finally able to take a really hot shower. After we moved in, I told Kevin that the water wasn't hot enough so he adjusted the hot water heater to hot. That didn't do much in my opinion so I put that down on our 30 day punch list for the builder. Friday morning Jamie (who works for the builder) came by to go through the list and was able to adjust some valve in the showers allowing us to turn down the water heater to a more normal setting and get blasting hot water! Yea! Good timing!

Friday was Gavin's 1st birthday. Melanie and Todd had his first birthday party tonight (Saturday, although technically my posting says Sunday because it's after midnight now) and boy did he love his cake! I am posting a picture of Melanie (my sister) and Gavin before he got really messy. He is such a sweet boy.

Our friends, Tina and Greg, just celebrated their daughter Lilly's 2nd gotcha anniversary. I remember driving up from Carmel on day 2 so excited to meet her. Now it's so nice to be able to get together more often. Kamryn and Lilly really like each other and kiss and hug when they see each other.

I can't take my eyes off Kamryn for a second without her getting into something. She's been sick so one day she was watching tv in my bed. I ran to the laundry room, came back and burst into laughter. Here she was sitting with my glasses on! I only wear them only immediately right before bed and they were laying on my dresser. She's such a goof.

Wishing we were in Florida this month, but we'll be going in June because Kevin's sister Kathleen is getting married then yea!!! We are so happy for her and Peter and look forward to the happy day. I am honored to be the maid (okay matron) of honor. Kamryn is going to be the flower girl. I don't know how she'll cooperate, but at least I've warned Kathleen not to expect perfection. This will be the happiest day of Kath's life regardless.

Keep warm!