Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun time at the Arboretum

Bugs, Boys and Scissors

One night we took a drive all the way to Hinsdale to try to see the Cicadas. We were disappointed because they must have been sleeping after a busy day and we didn't really see any. Much to our surprise the very next day, we had cicadas flying around our backyard! They loved landing on our deck. Then we went shopping at the new Promenade center with my mom, sister and her kids and the cicadas loved landing on us! Just this past week we went to the Morton Arboretum for FCC playgroup and those big bugs were buzzing around there! Yuck! Aren't they ready to disappear? I've had enough already.

Matthew celebrated his 12th birthday on the 15th! I can't believe he'll soon be a teenager. He was happy to have a laser tag party. I was happy I didn't have the party at the house.

Give Kamryn scissors and paper and she'll be happy for quite some time. She has such great fine motor skills, and she can really cut the paper well and into very small pieces. Makes cleaning it up not so fun, but it's worth it.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Our first FCC picnic

On Saturday we went to the annual FCC (Families With Chinese Children) picnic at Blackberry Farm in Aurora. They had a merry-go-round, a train ride and pony rides for the young children. Kamryn was afraid to participate in all that, but she did love the clown that FCC had at the picnic. She even gave the clown a hug. Gals from a local Chinese language school were also at the picnic making sweet necklaces for the girls and dragon boat cut-outs. They say Kamryn isn't too young to learn Chinese . . . I just wish she'd learn English though! The boys even had fun since they brought their fishing gear and actually caught fish which made them very happy. Kevin had the job of getting the hook off the fish and throwing them back in the water. Poor fish. Poor Kevin.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sending a Two Year Old to the Moon

Today I would like to. Great school's out but the drama is just beginning. Brendan came home yesterday and dropped his school stuff that he cleaned out of his desk onto the floor inbetween the dining room and hallway area. It still sat there this morning and while I was working on Matthew's birthday invitations, thinking that Kamryn was watching TV with the boys in the family room, she was going through Brendan's stuff.

I noticed marker on her leg. My heart skipped a beat, and I held my breath when I went to find the marker. I found it by Brendan's pile along with several abstract black marker drawings all over the wood floor. Okay, my house is normally Kamryn proofed. This pile was out of the ordinary, but she finds everything she shouldn't have! Brendan asked for a permanent marker the other day because his class was wearing their third grade field day t-shirts and they wanted to sign their names on them. I gave him one of those laundry marking pens.

I did not react well to the new art in my house. After losing it and trying a wet cloth and elbow grease with no luck, I probably should have taken a breather and made some calls or looked online to find out how to remove the marker stains the most effectively. My second thought though as I looked under my sink was to try the Mr. Clean white cleaning pads. That attempt worked at getting the black marks off the wood but it also took the shine and finish along with it.

I don't remember the boys getting into so much when they were two. Well, maybe. I remember that Matt got a hold of a pair of scissors at Mary Kay's house (when she babysat him) and he cut his coat pocket and a bit of her drapes I think. I only remember Brendan getting into the Cherrios box and dumping it out on the kitchen floor. She has them beat in the terrible two's department.

Monday, June 04, 2007

School's Out!

I will be the first to admit that I am glad that the school year is over. It seems like it has been longer than usual probably due to the move and starting a new school. I still feel like an outsider at the new school (ha, and I don't actually go to school) but hopefully that will change next year.

When the boys came home from their last 1/2 day, we went to CiCi's pizza with the boys' friends, Nick and Jake and their parents. Yes, it's a CiCi's just like in Indiana! The kids love the pizza buffet and arcade games, but it is always crazy there. We went there last weekend too with our new friends Sue & Darah and their sweet girls both from China. They were troopers to endure the CiCi's experience. Not the best pizza in Chicago, but certainly kid friendly.

We just found out during this last week of school that the school here never received Matt's records from Indiana. So after many phone calls and faxes, we got it all straightened out and they determined that he will go into accelerated math next year. I'm glad because he would come home from school saying that he was helping other kids in his class during math. Instead of tutoring, I'd rather him be learning.

I helped out at the fifth grade party at school last Friday. It was a nice hot day so the kids enjoyed playing sports and doing different activities outside all afternoon. I can't believe I have a Jr. High student now! Matt is really looking forward to the Jr. High experience.

We spent all day Saturday at Lacrosse tournaments. Both boys really enjoyed playing this sport. Matt's team won the championship. Matt is the second boy in the first row in his team picture. Brendan is number 9 in the other picture.