Saturday, December 19, 2009

Max is worse than a toddler!

Max came home and quickly found some great spots to lie down. Kamryn's chair being one of them! She is not too fond of sharing it with him. In fact, we've had to deal with some jealousy issues between her and the dog. She's always said she wants a sister, but I don't think she could handle not being the only princess in the house!

Max is saying, "What? I'm not doing anything."

Then he's saying, "How can I grab those sandals? I hope no one is looking."

Max steals socks, toilet paper rolls from the garbage can, and Kamryn's clean pull up. We gate him downstairs so he has free reign of the family room and kitchen but occasionally he gets past us and sprints upstairs. One morning while Kamryn was getting dressed, he took her pull up. Thank goodness it was clean as she really doesn't need to use those anymore.

Max is a good playmate for Kamryn.

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Anonymous said...

Max is like a toddler. Always on the go. Always getting into something. These are such cute pictures.