Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boys Adventure Day

The boys are more into roller coasters now so we spent a day at Universal'$ I$land$ of Adventure. We all really enjoyed that park! There is a Dr. Suess section for the little ones and big roller coasters like the Hulk for the bigger ones.

Kamryn and I spent most of the day together and Kevin went on the faster rides with the boys. I did one roller coaster and that was enough for me. We took advantage of the parent/child swap feature for the water ride; we all stood in line and then Kevin & the boys went on while Kamryn and I waited on a nearby bench. When the boys got off the ride, Kevin & I swapped places so the boys and I were able to get right back into the line at the end of the line:) The boys got a kick out of it because that way they could ride the rides twice in a row without the wait. Figures, the boys came off the ride looking dry but I ended up getting drenched!

Kamryn also loves Spiderman. Probably because she has seen the Spiderman movies with her brothers. So she loved seeing him IRL. I absolutely LOVED the 3-D Spiderman ride. So very cool.

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Anonymous said...

Your trip to Florida sounds like it was a real success. Wonderful memories made. The kids will remember the trip for a long time, especially with all the wonderful pictures that you have for them. Thanks for sharing with everyone.
Love ya, Mom